Comments from the VF Goodreads Forum

We’ve had a great time watching the conversations about Cthulhurotica unfold on the Vaginal Fantasy Goodreads page. Whether they loved it or didn’t understand it, new readers are talking about our book and that’s wonderful. Here are some of the highlights:

“The creep factor is very well done indeed and the tone is really like Lovecraft et al.” – Caroline

“What I like about the stories was that if you’ve read Lovecraft, the similarities or different takes were really good when compared to the original.” – Michelle

“I loved it and I am glad I bought it…” – Andrew

“Thanks for putting together such an awesome anthology”  – Amanda

“While I would say that some of the short stories are disturbing, I found that most of the them are more intriguing. That is why I really enjoyed this book. I felt this collection was a great exploration of pairing creepy, terrifying, and even horrific themes with other themes such a love, marriage, romance, friendship and sexuality.” – Madison

“I’ve actually been really enjoying it so far – it’s kinda cool to be taken out of your comfort zone by a book, especially one that is as well-written as this is. I wasn’t expecting “tentacle-sexy-times” to actually be interesting to read.” – Fi

Want to read the book? Buy it here:

340 page, 5″ x 8″ paperback book, $13.99: click here ISBN 0983137307

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As Seen On Geek And Sundry!

Last night the wonderful ladies of the Vaginal Fantasy book club revealed that their official book pick for September is CTHULHUROTICA.

(And then our editor, Carrie, freaked out a little bit, but she’s okay now.)

This means that Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Burton and Kiala Kazebee will be reading our book this month, and discussing it with their viewers and fans on September 25 at 8pm Pacific time via a live chat.

If you’re new to Cthulhurotica, and found us through VF, welcome! This anthology of short stories is published by Dagan Books, a small press founded by the book’s editor, Carrie Cuinn. The book is meant to show that women, people of color, and people of different sexualities have a place in HP Lovecraft’s Mythos universe – even if Lovecraft himself didn’t think so. You can buy our book here, and follow us on Twitter or on Facebook. We have interviews with the authors too.

We’re also planning a second book in the series, which (like this one) will contain all original stories and art. That’s being put together by Carrie Cuinn and Filipino-American author and editor Don Pizarro (who’s story, “The C-Word” appears in the first book).

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you enjoy our book!

Submissions Deadline Extended to August 30, 2012

Due to the high number of authors asking for an extension of the Cthulhurotica 2 submissions deadline, we’ve decided to give you another month to turn in your stories. It’s only fair that if we give anyone more time, we give you all more time. This means that you have until August 30, 2012, at midnight EST to send us your flirty, sexy, naughty, creepy, skin-tingling, stories.

If your first submission was rejected, please feel free to submit something new to us before the new deadline.

The submissions page (with more information) is HERE

Now available as DRM-free .mobi file

You can now order the .mobi file of Cthulhurotica, suitable to load onto your Kindle or other reading device, direct from us, as an instant download. As always, our files are DRM-free!

You may purchase our book one of several ways:

340 page, 5″ x 8″ paperback book, $13.99: click here ISBN 0983137307

KINDLE edition via Amazon, $3.99: click here

EPUB for nook and other readers, $3.99: click here DRM FREE

MOBI for Kindle and other readers, $3.99: click here DRM FREE

Update On Our Submissions For Cthulhurotica 2

Some facts that might interest you:

  • We have now gotten enough submissions to fill a collection – and possibly two.
  • We have so far only rejected one story for being against the guidelines.
  • We’ve gotten scary stories, sexy stories, and funny stories. This is good.
  • More than a 1/3 of the submissions are from women. We’d like to see more.
  • We have received a couple of submissions from authors in Cthulhurotica 1, and a couple from authors who appear in other Dagan Books titles. However, we will purchase the best stories, regardless of whether we’ve worked with the author before.
  • There are two editors (Carrie Cuinn and Don Pizarro), as well as three readers, going over each story. If your story is good, at least one of us is bound to like it, which means it will be held on to for discussion.
  • The votes can be “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”. At the end of the reading period we’ll tally the votes, select the best stories, and fight over our favorites.
  • We need more submissions! The only way to be sure that we’re putting out the very best collection of Lovecraftian erotica is to get LOTS of submissions. If you haven’t done so yet, please send us your work!
  • You don’t have to consider yourself a writer of erotica in order to submit. Most of the authors from the first collection, including the editors of volume 2, don’t primarily write erotica. But a good writer can write almost anything …
  • Submissions are still open. You have until July 31, 2012, to get yours in. Don’t delay!
  • Submit here:

Buy Our Book! Revised Edition Now Available!

REVISED EDITION! From independent publisher Dagan Books, Cthulhurotica is an exciting new anthology of erotic horror, inspired by the writing of H. P. Lovecraft.

This decadent collection contains unique creations of Mythos fiction, plus thought-provoking academic essays. In addition, the revised edition contains more than 20 pieces of original art.

With work by Cody Goodfellow, Kenneth Hite, Steven J. Scearce, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Gabrielle Harbowy, Matthew Marovich, Kirsten Brown, Richard Baron, Don Pizarro, K.V. Taylor, Jennifer Brozek, Galen Dara, Mae Empson, Nathan Crowder, Leon J. West, and many more …

Buy it now:

340 page, 5″ x 8″ paperback book, $13.99: click here

KINDLE edition, only $3.99: click here

EPUB for nook and other readers, $3.99: click here

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Free Fiction: “Le Ciél Ouvert” by Kirsten Brown

I always have to stop and look at the sky over the University, at the lenticular shape torn in reality that hangs above it, pulsing black and empty over silent causeways and high over Administration, First and Second Science, and the Art Wing donated sometime in the past century by the Pickman family. Over trees that never infloresce or sprout leaves anymore, lawns that remain grey and tangled and desolate. The whole area is like this, most of Arkham proper and Innsmouth are walled off and patrolled by the military. Even some of the surrounding rural areas have been evacuated. Arkham itself has been a ghost town for the five years since the accident in the basement labs, that I was once supposed to be a part of.

There is an eclipse every day, here, when the sun passes behind this rip, and night falls for a brief time, fifteen, twenty minutes at most. We have not so far been able to record what happens in this shade; sending a person failed spectacularly the last time, and it seems that even electronic equipment can’t really handle it.

I try to be back at the van when this happens, a brief respite from the containment suit and the proximity display, my load of sensory and recording equipment. There’s time for lunch, maybe, and some nervous joking with the military guys who drive the truck full of expensive equipment there and back to a safe distance. I know that my presence makes them a little uneasy, especially after the first attempt to ask me out, when I told Dennis or Daniel or whoever-politely, mind you-that I wasn’t interested in men. They also don’t know what to make of me because I initially volunteered for this though I am getting quite a bit of hazard pay.

I don’t talk to them too often. Just enough to not make it worse for everyone.

Want to read the rest? Download the free PDF here!